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Modified on Mon, 27 Jan 2020 at 07:44 PM

Creating a page group will allow you to page between specific desk phones within the same network. Paging happens over multicast within your network switches. If you have a phone plugged in behind another phone (daisy chained) or there is a small non smart switch between your phone and the main switches, your device will not get pages. 

To setup a page group, you will need to login to the portal as the BG administrator. If you are not an administrator, please email

Your BG login is your direct dial number and password listed on your user guide.

Once logged in, click on the devices section on the left hand side to see your phones. 

Begin by clicking the actions button next to the first user you'd like to add into your new page group and select configure phone.

Select the edit button under your device. If you have multiple phones tied to a single extension, you will see multiple devices. Select the one you want to add to the paging group.

Paging groups are separated by IP address and Port. The default IP address and Port we recommend is below. If you create more than one page group, Polycom will automatically increase the IP address and port by 1. 

Default IP:

Default Port: 10000

Each device has a few paging settings. If you want a device to be able to receive and make pages, you will need to hit yes for "Subscribed", "Transmission Allowed", and "Receive Page". 

Subscribed: The determines if the phone is a member of the paging group or not.

Receive Pages: Should the phone receive pages from the group?

Transmission Allowed: Is the phone allowed to make a page?

By default, paging will not occur while you are on another call. If you'd like paging to occur while on a call, you will want to enable "Paging Barge-In."


Once you've configured this device, please hit the "Save Changes" button on the bottom right hand corner. Changes will automatically reflect on your device at mid-night or you can reboot the device to see the changes immediately. Repeat this process for the other devices you'd like to be associated with your new page group. 

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