How to use buttons / features on Yealink

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- How to check / set up voicemail

You will begin by pressing the voicemail button (button to the right of the number 6 button) or by dialing *98. Enter your voicemail pin provided by Cadence followed by #. 

- How to place call on hold and retrieve the call

Once on a call you will press the button with the pause/phone icon (right side of the voicemail button). You will see on the screen that you placed the call on hold. To retrieve the call, you will press the hold button once more. 

- Mute phone call

When on a phone call, you will see the mute key on the right side of the headset button. You will press the mute button, the screen will also show mute enabled. Press the mute button again to disable. 

- Answer on handset, headset, or speaker

When making or receiving a call you can choose to answer the call via the handset, headset, or speaker. The Handset is the receiver on the left hand side, headset button is located on the right side of the number 3 button, and the speaker button is located on the bottom right. 

Answered via the handset

Answered via headset

Answered via speaker

- Transfer a call (Announced versus Blind)

When on a call, you will have the choice to transfer the call announced or blind. An announced transfer connects you to the end recipient to announce that you are going to transfer a call to them. A blind transfer sends the call directly to the end recipient without letting them know of the transfer. 

Announced Transfer

You are on the phone with a customer and they need to speak with someone specific. Press the transfer button on the bottom left, underneath the screen.

Enter in the extension / 10 digit telephone number of the end recipient. Then press Send

Once you have announced to the end recipient that  you are going to transfer a customer to them. Complete the announced transfer by pressing the Transfer button on the bottom left, under the screen, once more.

Blind Transfer

The process is very similar to announced transfer but instead of connecting to the end recipient, you will simply just blindly transfer the customer to the end recipient. 

Once on a call, press the transfer button

Enter in the extension / 10 digit telephone number, then press B Transfer immediately afterwards to complete the blind transfer. 


- Conference Calling (3-way calling)

Setting up a conference call on your Yealink desk phone. Once on a call with an individual, press the Conference button on the bottom of the screen. 

Enter in the extension / 10 digit telephone number of the third person who you wish to add to the conference call. Once the second call connects, press the Conference button to complete the conference call. 

- Enable / disable DND (Do Not Disturb) 

you will notice on the bottom right side on the screen of your Yealink desk phone DND. To enable DND, press the button directly underneath DND. To disable, press the button and your phone will return back to normal. 

DND enabled 

DND disabled

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