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Are you on the latest version of the mobile application?

The VoIPLink Business Voice mobile application can run on supported Apple iOS and Android devices. 

Please ensure you're on the latest version of the application. 

To download the latest version of the application, use the below links or search for "VoIP Link Business Voice" in the app store or play store.

iOS Download: 

Android Download: 

Does my internet connection support VoIP calling?

The mobile application will require a stable WIFI or cellular data connection to support most functions. If you're experiencing dropped calls or poor quality, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

WIFI or Cellular? - Each users experience on the mobile application will be dependent on their own connection if working remote or are not at the office on WIFI. To determine which connection is going to work best, please download the speed test application from the app store or play store.

    Speed Test App for iPhone: 

    Speed Test App for Android: 

Once you've downloaded the application, please take your cell phone to the area in which you plan to work most of time.

Your first test should be ran while being connected to WIFI. Ensure your device is indeed on WIFI and hit "Go"

The test will provide a PING time, Download Speed, & Upload Speed. Please take note of this information. 

Part of your internet experience can be impacted by your WIFI signal strength. To rule this out, please now go run this test again while standing right by your modem / router.

If the results are substantially different, you may want to consider setting up your work station closer to the router or trying cellular data instead of WIFI. 

Ideal speeds will be above 20mbps download and upload with ping times less than 80ms however if you typically get more bandwidth than what you're test shows, you could contact your internet provider to have them test / dispatch / repair.

Lets now run this same test back in your desired work area but using LTE instead of WIFI. Take note of the download speed, upload speed, and PING time. The ideal experience will be on which ever setup yielded the best results.

My internet connection speeds are fine, but I am still having issues dropping calls or transferring.

Like the desk phone you have at your office, the mobile app is using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) unlike your traditional cell phone calls. That being said, there are some home routers that do not play well with VoIP. Before troubleshooting your home router, there are a few other easier items to try.

You should first begin by rebooting both your internet providers modem and your router. Unplug the power on both for about 30 seconds and then plug them back in. It will take up to 5 minutes for your internet connection to be restored so prepare to not use the internet for a few minutes.

If you continue to experience call drops, the next logical step is to un-install our application, reboot your cell phone, and re-install. Once you're signed back in, see if the issue persists. There are many variations of cell phones out there so its possible that some respond differently than others.

I've done the above, and I'm still having issues.

The last item we suggest checking, are some best practice settings in your router. This is not a task all users will be comfortable with so if you feel you're not up for it, please contact Cadence or your IT vendor to help make the changes. If your router cannot have the changes made or you prefer not to adjust them, contact your account manager about setting up call forwarding to your cell phone to route calls around the mobile application.

Each router is different but you will want to make the following changes:

  • Disable SIP ALG
  • Enable UPNP (Universal Plug n Play) 
  • Enable consistent NAT

My internet connection is poor, but I do not want to give callers my cell phone number.

If your connection on WIFI or LTE cannot support calls due to lack of bandwidth, you can still use our app to SPOOF caller ID. This will allow you to call someone from your cell phone but display the company caller ID, instead of your own.

To enable this feature, please follow the steps below under the "Settings" menu. This feature is called "Request Call Back". While using this method, calls with start in your mobile app but then connect to your cell phone number.

You will scroll down and click "Calling Mode"

Then you will then select the "Advanced Options"

Select "Request Callback", then select "Callback numbers"

Press the person icon with the plus symbol at the top right of the screen

The first line will be the name (you can label it cell phone or whatever you wish) and the second line will be for your cell phone number. Press OK to save changes

Press the back arrow at the top left of the screen then scroll down to select "Default callback number"

Select your cell phone number you just added

Once you have selected your cell phone number you can press the back arrow on the top left of the screen a few times to return back to the main menu. 

I was on a call and the call started to break up.

If a call begins to break up while using the voiplink mobile app, you may being having a brief internet connection issue that is impacting your call. You can move this call away from the application to use your cell phone voice instead of our application without giving your caller ID to the caller.  While on a call, select MORE or SWITCH.

You will then select the "Switch" function

Select "This device (cellular)" 

You will notice that the voiplink mobile app will then switch the call from the application to your cellular. The person on the phone will hear ringing for a moment until the application calls your cellular number. 

You will notice that a call is coming in from your DID to your cell. Once you answer that call, your call with the person you were on the phone with will resume like normal with a better call quality experience.

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